FTP displayed in Metrics Graph


I’m new to trainerroad and its web software so this may seem like an obvious question to ask, but in my ride data when analysing my rides, it gives a higher FTP in the single white line across my data metrics graphs than what I have my FTP set to? Also the same for historic rides from 2 years ago when I know my FTP was not as high. Why is this? My FTP is set to 266w.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I may have worked this out, my previous FTP was 298w and I haven’t done a TR FTP or ramp test yet so suspect its because this is the last known power data. :slight_smile:

You can adjust your FTP manually without doing a ramp test.


To add, this can be done on the web on your Career page (click the FTP at the top).
It can also be done in the app, I think in the “Settings” section.

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It makes sense now to me, I assumed TR was estimating my FTP based on previous data as my FTP is an estimate for the moment, hence the ramp test to be done, thanks for the replies :+1:

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