Ramp Test - Data Fields

First of all, thanks for the product. Have so far gone from and FTP of 190 (at 86kg) to 239 (at 70kg) in the last year. However, only started using TR at the end of May.

I was wondering what others do for their FTP tests, as I am incredibly put off by having power and heart rate data on the screen, and the end of interval summary. It tends to psych me out… But I do like to have the length of time remaining on an interval and cadence data.

I tried the setup in the photo this morning, and will probably do a couple of things to cover the total workout time, and the end of interval summaries.

I personally think it would be great if we could toggle the data fields and the end of interval summaries off/on, just like we can with the instructions! (I turn them off for testing).