How to change the date of a plan completion


I created a plan and put it to run for a year without really thinking … However I now want to amend that because I want to skip the speciatity phase of my current plan and skip straight to starting one of the Triathlon plans. However I dont seem to be able to create a new plan without getting a conflict because I already have a plan running.

I tried to delete all the weeks which removed the daily workouts but kept in that there was a plan still present
I also tried to amend the date of when I wanted the plan to complete but there seems to be no option to do that any more (there was historically based on searching)

Thanks in advance

You’ll have to delete the plan and start a new plan I believe.

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Yeah, you probably need to nuke it and start over. Once you start manipulating it like you did, there’s no good way for Plan Builder to edit the plan.

For future reference, review some of the articles in the support section, which give instructions for the right way to handle changes to an existing plan.

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Thanks. So assumption is to wait till I want the new plan to start and then nuke old and create the new plan. If I delete the plan mid way (ie now) through presumably that will remove the next few weeks of workouts (which I will be completing) and I wont be able to add in a part plan.

Also as an observation / bug I started off thinking about the climbing road race and then changed the plan to the Generalist plan but in Career it still states Climbing road race

Edit just seen I could add in the Generalist if I was so inclined at the start of that block