Feature Request: Draft Calendar(s) or Training Plan Creator

As I’m contemplating my next phase of training and going through various plans to see what would work best or what combination of plans/workouts would work best I’m wondering if there’s a way we could work on a draft version(s) of a calendar/custom plan without messing up the current calendar until you’re ready to “push” it to the current calendar? I have run and bike plans in place, but I’m considering changing my bike plan so it would be nice to be able to compare them against each other without messing up what I already have. I suppose you could add it to days in the future with nothing on them, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to shift everything to the proper dates after. Anyone else dealing with a similar issue? If so, how are you handling it now?

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Yeah I’m for this request. I was asking myself the same questions only a few weeks ago when choosing my new plan. I haven’t made any attempt to change or compare plans or workouts since however. It’s a good idea But I’m not sure how high a priority it would be for TR

Thanks for bringing this up! I’ll pass your ideas along to our team.

For now, you could totally add the plan to some future days that are currently empty. It’s a little tougher to move it around later, but you can use the push/pull weeks and moving individual workout tools to accomplish this.

Another way to maybe approach it would be to be able to create custom training plans outside of the calendar that you could work on and save then push/add when you wanted. Much like the Workout Creator allows you to modify existing workouts a “Training Plan Creator” could start from scratch or edit existing training plans (i.e. Using the structure of a higher volume plan with rides on multiple days, but substituting the shorter alternate versions based on available training time and being able to save that for current and future use). Or maybe even being able to create a training plan based on a stretch of weeks from your calendar that you had done in the past, including run/swim/etc workouts. All kinds of things you could do. :grinning:

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Interesting, maybe you could play around a year ahead (2020) and see how it all fits. Then maybe copy and paste it into 2019 if you like it. It’s not perfect, but it’s a possible workaround.