Can you move plan forward a week

Last week was a recovery week for me which was good good timing because I had a bit of a virus. This week I start the second month of the plan but I still don’t feel so good so I want to move everything forward a week. How do you do that, assuming it is possible ?

It’s OK, I just figured it out.

I am not in this position but it would be nice for other people to know how you did it as others might have the same question.

It only upgrades the quality of the (a) forum.

In Calendar at the right of the screen is text saying “Wk 16 …” for each week. Click on the three dots and you’ll get a dialog menu popup. “Push week” will move all the workouts in that week (and those further into the future) forward one week, so Wk 16’s workouts move to Wk 17, etc.


What bobw said except that the current week does not move so you move those rides invidually.