Move a whole block of training?

Last week I had an accident in a road race. I took one whole week off training and I am just gradually getting back into it this week. Is there a way that I can select all of my sessions for last week and this week and move them forward a couple of weeks so I can add in some recovery and then take up where I left off?

I don’t think you can do anything about the past week outright but for current and future weeks you can “push” them a week forward. There’s 3 dots on the right side of each week that’s gives you the option of copying, moving or pushing a week. Just select “push” to push that week and everything beyond that a week forward. For the week you missed, you can just copy that to your now emptied week.


Hi. Thanks for that. I can’t see the 3 dots you’re talking about…

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Ignore my last message. Opened it in a different browser and it worked fine. Thanks!!!

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