Can I mix and match plans on the calendar?

I’m currently following a hybrid plan (suggested by Bryce over on ST) where I’m doing the cycling workouts from traditional base but the swim + run workouts from full distance base. Is there anyway to mix and match the plans so that I can get it all to appear on the calendar or can I add both, then delete the bike workouts from the full distance plan?

Love that there is now a dedicated forum for all things TrainerRoad (it’s possibly even more exciting than the calendar feature)!

It can be done manually, just add the workouts to the corresponding days. I too would like to have the option to have two plans going at once. For instance low volume build or specialty, with low volume traditional base to fill the other days. Again, easy to do manually,but it would great to have the option to run two plans. I’m curious to hear what the TR guys say.

It would take a lot of drag and drop to move workouts around as far as I know. I haven’t tried to add two plans that overlap date periods (but not days), but it’s worth trying since I haven’t seen anyone post about doing that exact thing yet.
Calendar supports multiple workouts per day, so even if the plan overlapped days before you moved them around I wouldn’t think it would be an issue to implement if not already.

Short answer, yes, you can run two plans. I had loaded Trad Base 1 yesterday. Today loaded full distance base, changed the days as much as I needed then loaded and deleted all the spare bike workouts. It was a bit of a pain but not crazy since I’m only looking at Low Volume versions.

Next question for me is can I duplicate a swim/bike workout - have you seen a copy button?

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I believe is one of the future plans…

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I concur that would be a sweet feature. I just made a combination Sweet Spot Base and Half Tri Base by doing just what you said. Added both plans and went back and deleted out the Half Tri Base bike rides. It was really easy took about 15 minutes. I had the Sweet Spot Base plan open on the app on my phone to make sure I was deleting the correct workouts. Good Luck.

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