Can I append information to name of session

Hi I assume this is a feature request.

I am sure teh names of workouts are really interesting but they are a bit meaningless to a newbie like me. In the back of Allen & Coggan’s power meter book, they categorise and name workouts by type eg L5 Vo2max or LT for lactate threshold, or Temp for tempo.

Now I know you provide this information, but I would like to be clearer when I look at my calendar what I have coming up and what it is for. So adding a more meaningful label after the workout would help me.

I realise the profile is really helpful is identifying the type of workout (and Allen & Coggan don’t provide them for their’s which is a shame).

Alternatively is there a way I can add the type of workout in a note that is visible in my calendar? Thanks Phil

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One option is to use the Workout Creator to copy the workouts you want, and then you can rename part or all of them, add notes, etc.

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Sounds a bit of a faff, but OK, thanks Chad. At least I could do it.

Chad, the reason I asked is that while I am new to TrainerRoad and started with the Mid-volume Base Phase training Plan. That is proving useful, but I am also trying to develop my Track skills for SQTs and 2km Pursuit (so I build some extra capability for Time Trials next season). So I wanted to incorporate some VO2 max sessions, and efforts that last around 3 minutes (my 2k time) so I get better on the track.

So getting a clearer understanding, more instantly, of each workout would help me go “Actually I could swap one of these for one of those” is what I am really after.

Do you think that a simpler approach might be to , say, drop one of the week’s workouts and swap it for a more VO2 max session having searched through the list of workouts using that filter. If so, where is a good place to start?

(I realise I have apparently swapped topic. Sorry, but this is the underlying reason for my original question).

Cheers Phil

Yeah, not easy, but possible.

Another item that may help in the future, we should be getting a new “tagging” system. You will be able to make as many names and tags as you need. So grouping in ways that make sense to you should be a bit like what you really want.

Not sure when we will get the feature. But it’s planned and coming.

I may need some time or help from others. Not sure I’m the best to help with the revised question.