Feature request: Add notes to workout before completing

Not sure if it is already possible but I would like the option to be able to add notes before I complete the workout. So for example I have added an additional workout to my plan for this week, I’d like to note down that I have added this manually or some planning information, “do at lunchtime, fuel beforehand” etc.

Training Peaks has a description field that can be utilised beforehand, appreciate TR has a description of what the workout is designed to do but I feel having your own section would be beneficial.

If this isn’t possible, can you use annotations to do that? I use them all the time.

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can you explain a bit more please?

In calendar, If you click on the day of the workout, outside of the workout area, it brings up choices like race, workout, training plan, other activity. Then at the bottom, there is a blue hot link that says “add an annotation”. Click it and it will pop up a place where you can add notes, pick the timeframe for the note, select the category of the note subject, and color code it.

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perfect, hadn’t spotted that. Thanks

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