Ability to Edit TrainerRoad Workout Title, Feature Request

I’d like to put forward a suggestion.

Can you please allow the editing of a workout title so I can add things to it for quick reference when scrolling through the calendar.

Would this be possible?


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Not a full solution for you, but you can edit the title of a completed workout.

Open the workout, click the 3-dot control and edit as needed. This change is reflected in the calendar.

I know this probably doesn’t solve you issue as I gather you want info on them before, but at least you can do a bit of editing for now.

Thanks. I tried the 3 dots but that doesn’t work. It doesn’t allow you to edit the actual title of the workout??

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Sure enough. I have done renames before, but apparently only on imported rides. It definitely does not work for TR rides, even after completion. Sorry for my error.

Looks like we need to make this a more wide feature request. Ask for the ability to rename TrainerRoad workouts specifically (before and after completion).

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How do I request it to be a feature ?? Surely I’m not the only one who would like to add to the title??

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This thread serves as one option. They will review it, because of the “feature request” tag and text I added in the title.

You can also submit your idea here:

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You can simply edit the ride name in Strava

Cheers but probably only if your ride goes on strava in the first place. I don’t use strava.

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