Identification of workouts that are associated with a plan/training phase [Feature Request]

I often add extra workouts to my calendar, which is already populated with plan-builder generated workouts. It would be really helpul to be able to easily distinguish the two so that I can focus on completing the plan-builder ones and skip or delete my additions when I have to prioritise.

Would also be sweet to see, from the workout pop-up window (opens when clicking on a workout in calendar) which training phase it lies within, with a link to the overall plan structure.

Another nice option would be the ability to remove all non-plan-builder generated workouts from the calendar.

Whaddya think?


Great idea, I’d love to have workouts that belong to my training plan highlighted on my calendar! :+1:

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I am also missing this. It should at least be shown in the detail workout pop up.

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I like that idea, It happens to me too, even if they add a :star: icon or something would be really helpful

I have to search when I get more time, but i believe there is an existing request for this. I’ll merge it if thats the case.


I failed in finding what I thought was a separate thread. It’s possible I saw a related comment in another thread. We will leave this as the master thread on the subject.

I also like the idea and would like to know which workouts are linked to plans vs manually added in the ways we can do them.


I’ve started marking other off plan rides as “Outside” this way I know which ones I have added that aren’t part of the plan. I did this for my next build block, I’m looking to get my levels up earlier in the block. So adding higher rated workouts might work or it might not. Only one way to find out!

Thanks for the notes, all!


I do a LV plan and add in 2-3 rides around this. I like to plan up to a month in advance and then move things around if necessary. It would be great if the workouts from the training plan were marked as distinct to those additional once so I can make sure I’m always hitting the training plan rides. Maybe it’s already there and I’m not seeing it?

I moved your post under the existing one with the same request.


It’s not a fix but what I do is mark manually added workouts as “outside” this way I can decipher between the two. Also it’s easy to switch back to “inside”before I ride inside if thats what I’m doing.

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This already exists if you click one step further and open the workout page. However, it doesn’t really work correctly anymore since the plans are now based on your individual PL’s and those workouts might not match up anymore. So the feature request could be adjusted to have workouts show which plan they’re on for each user?

ETA: this is just in reference to the workouts showing which plan/phase they’re in from the pop-up window of the calendar. :grinning: