Feature Request - Edit Title of Workout on Calendar and/or Workout History


Would it be possible to make the title of workouts editable on the calendar and / or workout history.

The reason I ask I have outdoor rides that pull through before I change the title from say the default - ‘Morning Ride’ to a title that conforms to my naming convention and second I have created workouts for example “Endurance: 1H Fasted Ride” which I have added to my calendar and will be doing later but it will just be an Endurance steady ride so I’d rename it as “Endurance: 1H Steady Ride.” I don’t want to create a duplicate ride just with a different name.

This is the third time in a since the weekend I have wanted to change the title of the ride.

Does anyone else have this requirement or it there another way around it? What do you think?

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