Feature request: User nicknames for workouts

This is probably not a new suggestion, but could each user have a lookup table with the ‘official’ workout name as the index key and a user nickname for that workout as the data tag? Workouts could appear on my calendar as ‘My WO_Nick (Official WO_Nick)’. But probably a good idea to push them to any public facing platform as just ‘Official WO_Nick’! :wink:

New user inspired to join by a broken collarbone. Was not counting on how much & how fast the platform would suck me in.

Anyhow, each of my kids wants a workout named after them. Just trying to make that happen…

Create a custom workout and name it whatever you like!

As @timothyh said :slight_smile:
i had a coach for a few years and was prescribed workouts on an excel doc, from there i transferred them use on TrainerRoad so i was making my own WO’s in the Workout Creator, its easy to use. you can also edit existing workouts from the library and name them what ever you want to.

Read through the documentation on WorkoutCreator and I’m all jazzed up to use it in 100 different ways!

Problem is the TrainerRoad link to download it sends me a file that doesn’t install. I’ve got the latest version of Air. Not sure what the problem is. Sez the install file is damaged. I’m normally a Linux user and not steeped in the ways of Windows, so maybe that’s the problem!

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@Brennus might be better emailing support. Wish I could help but I’m a computer biff! :grinning:

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Already did. Just exploring all the options.

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