Calendar Sync w/ iCal: Set start times for scheduled workouts!

I know this issue has been raised in the past and cannot understand why this isn’t a bigger roadmap priority! Why are workouts pushed to iCal as full-day events without the ability to modify the exact start time?? This is an essential feature for anyone organizing their days around work and home commitments and fitting in workouts accordingly!


This feature is already enabled. From your TrainerRoad Calendar, you just have to select the time for your scheduled workout, and that will sync to iCal accordingly:

*From TrainerRoad workout:

*Results in time scheduled in iCal

Was there a different feature or something otherwise you were looking for?

Is there a way to set a default time, or do I have to set it for every workout individually?

There’s no ‘default time’ setting, unfortunately. I’ll pass that along to the team as a feature suggestion though!