Enhancing Calendar Export: timed events

After using the TrainerRoad calendar export throughout the last season, I got increasingly frustrated that workouts appear in my calendar only as full day events. Therefore, I decided to build my own calendar conversion tool, and now all events are listed at specific times in the week.

As this functionality is not at the top of the TrainerRoad Calendar backlog, I am making the tool available today for the entire TrainerRoad community. The tool is hosted at the following address:


In order to use it, you need to enter your TrainerRoad calendar link and desired event start times. The site will generate a link that you have to manually add to your preferred calendar application.


  • tool was built specifically for triathletes. Cyclists, you need to fill in all fields. For sports that do not apply to you, you can probably use dummy data (or just use same data)
  • all events of a certain type start at the same date every day, regardless of week day
  • updates to your calendar application are generated live. However, calendar refresh times may vary depending on your calendar application (same limitations described by TrainerRoad)
  • no official support offered. Best effort is a great exaggeration of what I can provide :slight_smile:



A couple of people started using it and I had to iron out some bugs :expressionless:


  • Outside/Inside ride detection and option to set different time
  • Option to set time for events which are not Swim/Bike/Run/Brick