Add workout to calendar in app?

Is there a plan to add the ability to add a workout to the calendar in the app? I use TR on my Android phone (works great!) and I typically browse the workouts there too. Right now, after I find a workout in the app I have to go to calendar and select the date which takes me to the TR website to add the workout. I have to remember the workout (not hard, but sometimes I’m sleepy darn it!) and then add it. No, not super difficult, but not as slick as it could be either.

What I’d like to be able to do:
Browse for the workout in the app and then have the ability to add it to the calendar without going to the website. There’s a ‘Favorites’ option right there in the description, why not a ‘Add to Calendar’ option? (Note: Shoot, I’d even accept the ‘Add to Calendar’ option if it took me to the website and pre-selected the workout so all I have to do is click the date…or similar)

Love the app (and the podcast!).


Yep, that’s on the roadmap :slight_smile: The mobile re-design is in fact the next major project we plan to embark on, so stay tuned!


For reference, here is the list of stated plans and also what had been completed already.

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