Calendar Export to Google

I was hoping that the daily workout would export as a time blocked event and not a All Day Event?

Is there any way to schedule workouts in TR at specific recurring times?

Fairly easy. You’ll need to know the workout name.

In the Calender click on the first day that you want to do the workout. A dialog will appear, choose “Workout”. In the next dialog enter the name of the workout (or search for something if you aren’t sure). You’ll get an icon of the workout(s), click on that and the next dialog lets you schedule it. The bottom option is “repeating”, you have the option of “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Custom”. The latter lets you select “Every N days”. Confirm your selections and you’re done!

Not sure about the Calendar to Google linkup.

If you have a start time set in TR calendar then it will transfer that time to your google calendar, I think.

I say I think because when I manually entered and then copied my generic swim workout in I had a start time of 6:30 am set (one covid benefit has been lane reservations). All of those swim workouts are in my calendar as blocks of 6:30-7:30. While all my trainerroad workouts are in there as you describe, just an event for the day with no time setup. I changed my missed due to migraine workout from this morning to 6 pm but it hasn’t changed in google yet to confirm.

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I tried this but it repeats the work out assigned for the day. I’m on a training plan with different work outs.

Is there a way to assign a standard time within a training plan?

Did you click on an empty part of the day? When I tried it I clicked on a day with a scheduled workout and could choose any workout and set it to repeat even on days with existing TR workouts.

As far as I know the training plans are hard baked regarding duration of workouts but you could use the Alternates option which will let you pick workouts of different duration. The problem is you’d have to do it for every workout, a bit of a pain.

no way to set default workout time at this time. Just the set workout time in calendar like I noted above.

I was trying to resolve a similar issue today with the TR calendar export and came here to try and find a solution. It seems our options with the calendar synch are limited

Initially, when a workout plan is set up, exporting the TR calendar to Google Calendar puts all of the workouts in as an all-day event or task. This is a very general reminder, but that’s about it. Not helpful for time management in Google Calendar.

  • I couldn’t adjust or schedule the time in google calendar itself.
  • If I set the time of the workout in Trainer Road, Google Calendar did not update with that time. At least it didn’t update in 5 minutes of refreshing google calendar.
  • When I removed/unsubscribed the Trainer road imported calendar from Google, then re-imported the TR calendar into Google, the time was shown as at the scheduled time in Google Cal.

I’m not exactly sure what the issue would be, but it would be great if we could adjust/schedule the time in google calendar.

Possibly the TR calendar needs two-way sync with Google Calendar from the trainer road devs. at least for time.

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Passing this along to the team so we can look into it! Thanks.


Sync Google calendar with Apple iCal.
Works well, planned ride times, etc.
It does however take some time to update on Google’s end if changes are made on the TR calendar.
However Apple iOS calendar updates immediately.

I set the start time for a few rides this week earlier and just checked my calendar now, all updated to the time I set in google calendar. They were not when I checked about 3 hours ago.

I realize manual entry is annoying, but if making sure it is correct on your calendar is important then it at least works.

I schedule repeating events on my own calendar to block the time for workouts, and have the TR calendar as a separate calendar that I’m subscribed to.

Here’s why: I need more time than just the 60 minutes of trainer time to complete the workout. It ends up taking about an hour extra, with bike setup, Trainer warmup for spin down calibration, getting fluids, and then cooldown, shower etc.

So I have a Tuesday bike event, Thursday bike event, and Saturday bike event. That way I can manage time blocks in my Google calendar, that represents all of the time that I need for the workout…

By default, Google gives you only one calendar, with all your events piled up. If you actively use it, work tasks and meetings, household chores, and personal events will get mixed up and become a dumping ground. Many people print their own calendars Free Printable Blank Calendar | That’s why it’s better to create several calendars for different types of events. To do this, click on the gear icon at the top and go to settings. Select the “Add Calendar” option and “Create Calendar”. Specify a name and, if necessary, a description. This is a very handy feature.

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