Calendar Overhaul Feature Ideas

I would like to be able to enter walks as separate and different than running.


Go to and port over their calendar, fitness and totals charts. Or buy them/pay a royalty (I know its just a couple of hardworking developers and I don’t want them to get screwed over.) I love where TR is going with machine learning. AI FTP is awesome, adaptive training just works in my busy schedule and progression levels 2.0 sounds like the next game changer. However, for a company who’s goal is “make you faster with science-based, goal driven training” its amazing how many other platforms excel at post ride analysis, understanding training load over time, and even statistics like time in zones, distance, time, etc.

Additionally, nowhere in the user interface can you actually set goals (FTP, based, PL based, training hours, distance, race results, etc). It would be great to see in my calendar my progress to my goals. I know all the data exists in TR’s database, so this is simply providing the right visualization tools for athletes to glean insights. This is so much easier than some of the recent efforts taken by TR. Its like your focusing all efforts on the really hard stuff and missing the basics. I feel like right now TR just a workout library that automatically adjusts based on my response to training and life circumstances. This is good, but it could be sooo much more.

For context I use TR as my training plan, for fitness/fatigue, totals and post ride analysis, Garmin connect for health tracking and goal planning. TR could be the hub for all of this and I would welcome a one stop shop approach.


If you could make that calender sneak peak preview thing on the career page actionable (eg moving workouts around during the week) I’d be so happy.


I think “Start time (optional)” should be added to non-workouts as well.

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+1 on this, would be really useful for me.

A way I’d like this would be to make annotations “magnetic”: click a checkbox in the annotation, making the recovery week snap to that annotation.


Ability to choose number of work:recovery weeks.

Or maybe something in settings that you can choose what you display on the calendar? That way the display for those of us mountain bikers that ride without a power meter wouldn’t have a blank graph.

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You can do that with ‘Events’ but not ‘Races’.

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Besides just total time and TSS in the right hand weekly summary, it would be great to have Bike time broken down by Zone (should match the Zones used to classify workouts).

Being able to add D races? ie C races that you may or may not end up doing like summer series races where I’ll do some but not all of them but I don’t know months in advance which ones.

Also, having some type of clipboard to store templates for weeks. Copy week appears to only work if the week in question is part of a plan.

Just thought about asking for a “dark mode” of the web calendar. We already have this as the only option within the TR apps, so I’d like a similar control for that in the TR web site, to include the Calendar.


I would love to see the workout profile graphic for outside rides the same way as indoor rides


Hey yall!! You overwhelmed us with amazing ideas for the calendar!!

We’ve been reading all of them and meeting about them.

We’ve got a bunch of them prioritized and in different milestones.

The first thing we aim for is an updated calendar that is fast and easy to use and eliminates bugs. We’ll launch, schedule more new features, and prioritize them according to our larger road map.

Sorry I’m not responding to everything like I usually do.


Please, please, please bring back some way to push everything on a calendar back a week, or change the start date of a plan.

Use case:

  • I’m supposed to start Sweet Spot Base LV 1 today - I added just this plan, I’m not using PlanBuilder - but I’m not yet over the cold / coughing I’ve been dealing with
  • So I want to push the start to next week

Right now the only way to do the above is to delete, and then re-add SS Base LV1. Why can’t I either change the start date? Or push everything back a week? I get the focus has been on PlanBuilder, but for those of us who aren’t racing / don’t have a big event we are targeting, being able to add individual plans and handle what life throws at us is important


Being able to subscribe to my TrainerRoad calendar in Google Calendar has been a huge improvement for my workout planning. I’d like to see some improvements though:

  • A better “Start Time” selector, it always defaults to midnight and I never do workouts at midnight. Being able to just type in a time would be much faster then scrolling.
  • Even better would be a Preference so that I could define a default start time or pre-select a start time for me based on historical data (example: 70% of Tuesday workouts start at 1:00pm so pre-select that time)
  • Add support for Start Time for Race events
  • A read/write calendar subscription option so that I can move workout dates and times in my desktop calendar app along side personal and work calendar events

Maybe a bit of homework for you: download a bunch of calendar apps, especially but not limited to iOS. You will see that there are tons of ways to skin the cat, and how you can deal with limited screen estate in very different ways.

Here are a few notable examples:

  • Apple’s Calendar (macOS, iOS & iPad OS)
  • Fantastical (macOS, iOS, iPad OS & web)
  • Calvetica (iOS & iPad OS)
  • TimePage (iOS & iPadOS)

E. g. the week views of the iOS versions of TimePage and Fantastical look nothing alike, but are extremely usable. Fantastical has an excellent and very opinionated design. If you grok their design, I’d say it is the best calendar app out there at the moment. They also have a web client, so this might be a good place to start for you.

Even on a 13" MacBook Pro or iPad Pro, the current versions of TR’s calendars (no matter whether we are talking about the web version or the app version) are not making very good use of space.

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Visualisation of a training block so a bar across every day of the base block in green, build in blue and Spec in red? maybe rest week in a lighter colour.
Could also show stretch and productive etc on the calendar.


would a fitness overlay like be useful to be aware of training load effect?


IMHO I’d be careful with using color and employ that very purposefully. Right now there is tons of visual noise with information that in most situations is not useful. E. g. activities should always be synced to Strava, so the Strava icon is a complete waste. Instead, TR could add the Strava icon (modified) to indicate a sync error.

Colors can easily become visual noise. Colors could and should be used in the calendar, but I think you have to decide what for. As usual, it is a trade-off. You could use color for

  • activity type (bike, running, etc.),
  • completion status (completed or not),
  • workout block, or
  • difficulty (green = Achievable, yellow = Productive, red = Stretch and up).

My feeling is that completion status is indicated already with the yellow-on-blue-and-black icon, and you could gray out past workouts that have been scheduled, but not completed. Coloring activity type is either a waste for people who are only on the bike or could be too colorful. Coloring different blocks doesn’t seem super useful to me, you can e. g. use thick lines to separate blocks like other calendar apps separate months in a month view. Difficulty seems ok, but I reckon there are better ways than to use a color.

Overall, making a good calendar is hard, and I think TR should really look for inspiration with what is out there.

Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I have one caused by the changes to the Polarized plans. I’d like to be able to add a weekly annotation to remind myself to consider changing my Tuesday Threshold workout to VO2.

Currently, I can only do this on an individual Tuesday, but I’d like it to be recurring.