Still hate the calendar

Still no way to push plan forward a single day. No way to not auto-skip workouts. No ability to start a plan on a Sunday.

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Don’t use it then. Personally I love the new calendar.


I don’t think that’s a realistic option.

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There is always going to be a trade off between following a plan and giving people so much flexibility that the plan becomes effectively worthless. TBH I think the balance is pretty good at the moment, especially since the latest round of enhancements

Maybe just adding in individual workouts is a better answer for those in this situation?

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I hated using it. Then tried it on my laptop rather than a tablet and realised its actually easy to use. Moving workouts about, replacing them with the plus or minus versions etc.


I love it on my laptop and don’t really use it on my phone / iPad apart from when I jump onto the bike and set off on that day’s TR session. Then I find it so much better than looking through the plan and trying to decide if i am going to go with the proposed session or do a different one. I set up my weekly sessions on a Sunday evening move them around within the plan and the week as I want them / can fit them in and then they are there for the rest of the week. There’s a few other things I would like (upload from garmin strava etc etc is the main one) but that’s a nice thing to have as there is the manual add option already. So I am more than happy with it and find I am getting more and more into using TR as a result.

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Adding a simple question as you load a plan could be handy.
Something like : “This plan has X workouts per week, on which days can you train?”

Example from another training site below.

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That is already part of adding a plan in TR.

This pic shows the default, but you can swap the days for each and every workout to your desired layout for the plan.


Whoops, looked right over that when making my plan…saw the days and intensity and just continued.
good to see it’s already possible! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I see little to no use on the phone or tablet. I don’t even bother using in on those devices. It’s amazing on a real computer though.


I guess I’m still confused on why you need the functionality of regularly moving the entire plan forward one day? If you’re consistently bumping everything forward to account for missed workouts, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

And when you say “auto-skip workouts” do you mean to clear the calendar history of missed workouts? If so, it takes 30 seconds to delete a month’s worth of missed workouts so can it really be that bad?


If someone is that desperate to follow the plan in order regardless of shifts in the prescribed days they could print out the plan and cross them off as they complete them.

The new calendar functionality is so much more flexible and intuitive.

If only that were possible. Only way to add a plan is to add to the calendar.

I’m failing at getting this to work to allow me to start a plan on a Sunday.

I regularly need to move the plan a day or two… life gets in the way.

If I miss a workout the plan should not advance. I wish to complete every workout in order.

Agree. And we gave up the “career” tab on phone where you could easily search workouts; which I apparently do more often than I thought to look up my notes from previous rides. Now I have to go through numerous pages and clicks online.

I think calendar should have simply replaced “current plan” as the default to suggest workouts on the home page.

I don’t know what my point is. I “feel” that calendar has hurt my app experience but added value online.

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I’m pretty sure this is not how TR intend you to use their plans.


One thing I’d like to see is a way to select a particular week from a plan (not already added to calendar) to add the week in individually into the current plan. Currently, the process goes:

  1. Add full plan to calendar (outside of the plan you want to add the extra week)
  2. Push the block forward one week
  3. Copy the week you want to add
  4. Paste it
  5. Go back a delete the 7 weeks you don’t need.

I do this quite often to get a extra week in opposed to 3 weeks on 1 off. This would also helpful if your event date is changed and you would like to repeat a week to maintain fitness, such as a latter week within the Specialty plan.

Another feature that would also be nice is to “Quick View” plans within the calendar to pull single workouts. As an example, I may plan an outdoor ride for Saturday and delete the scheduled TR workout for accurate TSS estimate. Then weather takes a turn for the worst and I want to add the scheduled workout I deleted back in (and now I don’t remember what WO that was). Easiest way now to find what I deleted is to look the plan up on iPhone, then add to the plan from my laptop.

I would use this during a Sustained Power build plan (my limiter) to fill in a workout here and there from a Short Power build plan to maintain VO2 (not a limiter for me).

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One of the complaints I’ve seen about the calendar a few times now is that it doesn’t just allow the training plan to go on as a list. I’ve wondered if some folks just start a plan and roll through the 18 or 30 workouts one at a time until they’re done with little regard to the time between workouts. Kind of seems like that’s a thing, based on OP’s complaint. I can see how if you’re tackling the training plans as just an organized list of workouts, the calendar would be frustrating. I agree with you, however, that the intent of these plans is to actually structure the workouts themselves, the order they’re done in, and the amount of time between stimulus. Following as a list over the course of whatever time is a great way to unstructure the structured training, but seems contrary to the intent.


That’s not really how it’s meant to work right now. You can shift the base workouts on each day, but the week “start” will be Monday based on the current Mon-Sun setup.

I’m trying to think of a way to tweak for your needs, but I haven’t figured out a workaround yet.