Feature Request – Calendar Sub-Nav for Events

I’d love a way to have quick access to my planned events. I frequently refer to them to update notes with event details or nutrition and pacing plans for the day.



So this is already a live feature apparently! I had no idea LOL.
Just go to your career page and scroll down a bit to see your events listed!

Is that only for Plan Builder setups? I don’t see anything like that on my Career page, and I am just doing old school manual plans.

Ope, thats in beta right now as we’re testing it out, stay tuned @jacksonianc! :v:

Thanks @IvyAudrain !

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Related to this, I would like more control of the Events section on the Career page:


This image shows two events, but also two “Time Off” entries that I used per TR recommendation in order to clear my calendar on days I have no desire or ability to do workouts.

  • My issue is that these are really not “Events” and I don’t think they should be on this list at all. I only want to see actual events so I have a better scope of my pending schedule with real demands, not travel or time off.

  • At the very least, I would like an option to exclude these “Time Off Events” from this list. I’m asking for a user switch since I expect that some people might like these on the Events list, so it would be good to handle both preferences and use cases.

Beyond that & along with the OP, I would like the option to open a larger section with all Events, not just the 4 that fit on this small summary. Nearly all of the other sections on the Career page allow the option to open a deeper dive into the related data, but the Events offers no such option. This is an oversight and I’d like a full page or screen to see all events in greater detail. As of now, the only real option is to view the Calendar and scroll, which is far from ideal.


@mcneese.chad - should this now get merged into Nate’s Calendar Overhaul thread?

Maybe, but it’s a mix since there are related items on the Career and Calendar page.

Despite Nate opening the flood gates with an all-in-one topic, we have usually kept these unique ideas separate.

See the one post there where I linked in many existing topics relating to the calendar. I did that vs merging all of them and i think this lefr external still makes sense.

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Nate’s post really opens up rethinking the whole UI / UX

Yup, and like my edited post above, its different than their preference of separate threads per idea.