4 days before my 70.3 B race

Is it a good idea to do a scheduled 2.5 hour run 4 days before my 70.3 race? Its a B race in my scheduled Full Ironman plan. Followed by Three Sisters the next day.
Just curious what others think.
I should mention the race is next Saturday so maybe my plan will adapt.
60 years old.

depends on the load you are used to, and what’s planned the rest of the week…
(without more details, I would not recommend)

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I started the full distance plan the first of January. Thursday of race week there is a short 29 TSS ride. Cajon. here is race week schedule.



Sorry this is race week schedule

That is a lot of running

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I think that this has something to do with it being a “B” race - maybe worth contacting support though.

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That seems like an excessively long run that close to a race….even if it is a B race.

Hell, I would almost question a 2.5 hour ride that close to a race, honestly.

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This, entirely.

And how many long course events you have under your belt maybe.

But as you’re expecting a 5.5hr 70.3 I’ll stick my neck out and suggest cutting it down to 1h45, and it’s easy pace anyway.

That leaves you with only a 10hr+ total training week which would be light if anything depending on how close your IM is.

Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:


I have completed several 70.3 in the past. But Arizona in November will be my first full.
Roughly 9 weeks from this race.
I will probably do what most suggest and tone down the volume a bit.

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I say a hard NO. Why, what will the 2.5 hour run do for you to prepare for the race. You say it’s a B race, but you still paid for it. Don’t you want to be fresh and ready and perform your best?

I don’t think it does anything to benefit you for the race. Skip it and do some house chores or something. :slight_smile:


So I guess a question which has not been asked / answered yet is when / what is your A race? The timing of that event could well change people’s answer re: doing this long run as scheduled.

Remember that for B races there is no taper, so maybe it does make sense in relation to your A race.


I know that a B race might mean that you wouldn’t bother with a taper but a 70.3 is still a long way. It’s certainly long enough to regret your choices while trudging out a 2 hour run suffering like hell.

Been there, done that. :frowning_face:

9 weeks. Ironman Arizona November 19th

In that case, I would skip the 2.5 hour run before the 70.3….still plenty of time to get runs of that length in.

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I may even back down the bike volume a little. If I recall I tried to make this race and Arizona both A races but it required 12 weeks between them.
Thanks for all the input

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FWIW, in my pre-TR days, I had a similar amount of time between Racine 70.3 and IMWI (a bit less than you, but similar). I would do a mini-taper the week leading up to Racine, cutting back on volume and intensity. Always worked well for me. Honestly, the mini-tapers were a better approach than a full-blown taper before my IM races.

but tapers are very individual and you need to experiment to find out what works for you…let us know how things turn out!

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Hey there! I just checked in with one of our triathlon experts here at TR and they recommended scaling back your long run to 1.5 hours this week as your race is so close to that particular workout.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!


Feel free to tr approve my post :grin:

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Aw, I’m touched. I was only being cheeky!