Building 10 month+ training plan around holidays

Hi guys, I am trying to get a plan going in the run up to next CX season, probably 1st September 2019.

Not racing this season due to a tendon injury in the summer but lot of hard work with a physio and seems good now.

I would have worked back from late August a full cycle of base-build-specialty (short power / CX focus) and filled from now till then with a chunk of base to get me going again but from now till then I got three holidays booked which are making planning tricky.

First is 10 days end October with my bike which I can work around no problems.
Second is in April for 14 days with my bike. First week will be solo so can do some non-measured but specific sessions. Second week have some friends coming out to ride, I think I can work around if acknowledge I will lose some training quality/intensity. Any tips for making most of this free riding with no power measurement would be great.
Third is a tricky time, 17 days without my bike from 4th July out to 20th. This would be the first 3 weeks of the specialty plan and when back go into a low TSS week. Right when should be coming into form I get my slackest time! Any ideas for this time will really be appreciated as know just how much a few weeks can cost you.

Thanks in advance - I have read about how to adjust plans but it doesn’t quite deal with this.

It sounds like you have some fun riding vacations coming up! For this first two, simply riding your bike and enjoying it is the best approach You can try to follow the daily workouts in your plan to match TSS and duration. You will have to do this by using RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) if you don’t have a power meter on your bike. You would actually be surprised at how well you know your zones simply based on feel.

As for your last vacation, we actually have an article on How to Avoid Losing Fitness While Traveling It just depends on what you have at your disposal while you are on this vacation (gym, gym bike, etc.)