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Love the new forums, calendar and of course the product as a whole.

Background - I am a 41 year old male who was training for my first marathon this coming Sunday (previously completed 2 Half Ironmans over the past 2 years including the World Champs in Chattanooga). Unfortunately a hip/groin (currently getting treated/diagnosed) three weeks ago derailed those plans. Running is a no at the moment but I am able to ride on the trainer. Have mostly managed endurance type ride with the odd 30 sec sprint and a few minutes below sweet spot (last tested FTP of 287)

Given that the bike is somewhat comfortable for me at the moment I am wanting to do a bike focus leading up to Christmas. Planning on doing the Strava Festive 500 (live in Australia so nice weather :slight_smile:). However, my wife and I are going to Japan later this month for 13 days.

So I have the next two and a half weeks in which I can train…a 13 day break (potential access to a hotel bike) and then time after that. What base plan would be appropriate in this circumstance? Thinking SSB Low or Mid for the first 2 and a half weeks…break for 13…then pick up the remainder? Or would Traditional be more appropriate? Look forward to your feedback.


Hey Adam, I’m in a similar situation. If you have the time and can manage, you could pre-load TSS in those two and a half weeks. I’m doing something similar, ie doing as much TSS as I can manage this week before holiday. So I’m trying to do as close as possible to the normal TSS (approx 300+, more if I can manage) in 4 days, knowing I’ll be off the bike for a week. The +1 workouts are great for this type of thing.

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Hi, @markso1077. I think either Trad Base or SSB works in this scenario, but after 13 days away I wouldn’t pick up where I left off; rather, I’d start again. For that reason alone, I’d use whichever base plan you aren’t planning to use when you get back. So if you plan to go the SSB route, do some Trad Base now and vice versa. That way, you don’t have to repeat the first 2 weeks when you resume training.

Also, considering your injury, it might be better to play it safe and err on the side of lighter intensity for a couple weeks. And you won’t be so cooked during your first few days in Japan! :wink:

Regardless of which sounds more interesting or productive to you, I suggest restarting it (from the beginning) when you get back from your 2-week training layoff. Enjoy your trip and heal up!

Thanks for that @chad. I think Traditional Base for the next couple of weeks - break - and then SSB upon return.