Dealing with and planning for week long vacations

I am in the middle of my base sweet spot plan part 2… i knew about this trip to Portugal months in advance but i don’t really know any way to set this up on the training plan calendar… anyone have tips?
Does anyone know if they’ve talked about this in any of the podcasts?
Information In general about what to do fitness wise when you have been a lazy no good alcoholic pig for a week… would be helpful.

Also does anyone know how the whole thirty eating plan is best adapted to racing?

Same boat. I rented a bike from a local shop in my vacation spot. After one group ride, it’s rained 3 days straight. :confused:

Life goes on. I plan to go back to where I was in ssbmv2 when I am back home. Probably gonna hurt, but whatever. Can’t hurt as bad as not riding at all.

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