Build plan interrupted by accident / injury

I successfully completed Weeks 1-3 of General Build (Low volume, but with an extra outdoor ride on Sundays). However, at the very end of the last Sunday of week 3, I crashed, breaking a couple of bones in my face and incurring a minor tear of my rotator cuff.

As you can imagine, I took recovery week 4 pretty easy (well, I was concussed) but I’m now feeling much better and able to get back on the turbo, Mat Hayman style.

First hard session back, managed an hour at 0.9 IF. But then second session back was an abject failure at vo2 intervals, and today I needed a couple of backpedal breaks and an intensity reduction for Mount Goode (3x15min 95-99%). I’m not sure whether this is because my FTP has taken a hit, or whether my FTP is the same but I’m simply not quite as recovered as I feel.

Do you think I should…

  1. Keep my FTP the same but swap in some sweetspot sessions to maintain fitness without pushing myself too hard,
  2. Lower my FTP by 5 or so, and keep up the tough General Build workouts?

Please take some time off and give your brain time to heal. Concussions are horrible, and they cause more damage than you think. I’ve had 2 of them. Just my .2¢


Honestly, my brain is fine. Concussion cleared up days ago. Have been back to work for a week.

Only lingering problem is shoulder injury meaning I’m confined to turbo. But it’s possible that injury is affecting me more than I realise.

+1 for Mat Hayman style.

I think option #1 makes more sense if you have the time (and you can complete those workouts). It’s like extending SSB for a few weeks. Do you have an “A race”? If it’s not Paris Roubaix, then adding some extra base and starting build again a few weeks later is probably going to be fine. :slight_smile:
Also, if you have broken bones and a damaged shoulder, your body will need to put resource into healing, and General Build is seriously tough on your body, even with a slightly reduced FTP. Better to put that recovery ability into healing IMO.
I’ve aggravated an old back injury, so after 5 months on the trainer building to the season I can’t even ride at Sweet Spot. :frowning: My serious goal events are in the summer, so I’m just going to work on my back/core/flexibility and try the odd “Zone 2” ride in the meantime to see if I can keep my legs ticking.

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Not really (and it’s definitely not Paris Roubaix!). Just a series of TTs and possible road races over the summer, maybe a hill climb or two in the autumn.

What you say makes sense. I’ve also lost weight since the injury (couldn’t eat with concussion nausea for a couple of days) so it’s possible I’ve lost a bit of muscle mass too. You’re probably right that now isn’t the time for much intensity.

Hope your back improves soon!

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Shoulder injuries can be nasty. I’d say, make sure you get enough PT. I have had two shoulder injuries due to bike crashes and PT was absolutely essential to preserving as much mobility as possible. From what you write, it seems mine were more severe, though. Shoulder injuries can take months to heal properly. That doesn’t mean you can’t do any sports during that period, but I would coordinate with your doctor* and PT. Be cognizant of your limits.

(*) Make sure that your doctor has expertise in sports-related injuries.

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