Having problems with my build phase?

December 4 - I started Sufferfest sustained build pretty similar to base phase in Trainerroad
FTP 220watts/3.09 watts per kilo

February 4 - Ramp test after sufferfest sustained build - FTP 250/3.51 watts per kilo

February 26 - Midway through short power build mid volume in trainerroad - FTP 261/3.67 watts per kilo

The issue is that during my 7th week in short build mid volume I got sick and missed most if not all of the workouts. The next following week, which was week 8 I recovered fully and decided to not do the recovery week. Instead I tried to do the same workout as the following week before due to missing out the workouts and was not able to complete them. And I felt that my ftp may have dropped due to sickness and the week of bad form.

I also like to add that during the workout after the week of bad from due to sickness, I saw that my heart rate was 10 beats higher in almost every zone.

My question is that what should I do? As of right now I feel good but cant seem to do the same workouts with constantly.https://www.trainerroad.com/career/vincent123/calendar

Coming back from illness and time off the bike you probably lost a little fitness and were flat. What you needed was a week to ease yourself back into training (z2 rides) to see how recovered from illness you were and prepare your body to work hard again. Then ease yourself back into demanding workouts.

What you did instead, if I understood correctly, is repeat Week 7 of SPB which is the most demanding of the entire plan’s schedule. Of course that felt impossible to complete, you set yourself up for failure.

Depending on your goals/races and how much time you have, you’re probably best to start back at week 5 of SPB. The ramp will test where your fitness is and set the workouts appropriately. Don’t be surprised if your FTP dropped a little, it’s no big deal. If by week 6 or 7 of SPB the workouts are a little too easy (based on how they felt the first time around) bump up intensity or manually adjust your FTP until the workouts feel appropriate based on RPE and the workouts’ IF.