Should I regain weight lost through injury?

Hi all. I already started a topic about my predicament, but I have a slightly different question now I’ve got some more data to work with. So apologies for taxing the community’s patience, but…

Since an accident a 2 and a half weeks ago, I’ve lost about 2kg. These are my Nokia / Withings smart scale stats…

Morning of accident: 69.3kg, 6.1kg fat
This morning: 67.2kg, 5.2kg fat

I’ve also lost 10 or so watts off my FTP. Could I realistically get those watts back while keeping at my new, lighter weight? Or should I accept that I need to put at least some of it back on to get back to power?

Have you been able to ride or were you off the bike?

If you were off the bike, the 10w is probably from detraining rather than weight loss.

5 days of nothing, then 2-3 easy rides, then couple of harder workouts that were too much too soon, then 3 days’ rest, then a ramp test and Carter this morning.

So not nothing, but not full training either. Though the first week would have been a recovery / adaptation week anyway.

Sounds more like detraining and flat legs. I wouldn’t explicitly try to eat anything back.

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I’ll give that a try. Maybe I’ll do Lamarck on Friday to see if my new FTP seems right, then get back into the second half of General Build next week and see if I can get those watts back…