Broken Elbow at start of base, what next?

Cat 2 Road & Endurance Track racer. Just broken my left elbow. Likely wont be able to ride outside for 6 weeks+

What should i do? just do base on the turbo? strength work? what exercises can I even do that don’t require arms?

I much prefer traditional base to SSB, and have very little experience with gyms etc.

Any advice is welcome.

Ouch. Get well soon friend.

Heal up!
Some body weight lower body workouts can be … squats, lunges, reverse lunges, good mornings (for low back mobility and glute activation), step ups, side lunges and many more. Try picking 3-4 different moves about 15-20 reps (body weight) then switch up the exercises you pick after a 3 weeks to a month. I’m not a sports exercise physiologist but I know a few things about gym work and being broke off for some time.
Listen to the doctor but I’ve always been told make sure to eat enough when broken off, helps the body repair. Before you know it you’ll be back hammering it outside! Being injured sucks, feel better :call_me_hand:

Try and get comfortable on the turbo and use that to train. I wouldn’t worry if you can’t hit specific numbers due to your position, just do what you can.

I broke my elbow last October, took three weeks off since I was on heavy pain meds etc.

After that it was z2 sessions on the trainer while the elbow healed!

After about 6-7 post op when I was allowed to lean on the arm gently I started doing proper sessions.