Broken arm in SPB MV

Hello all,

So I went horizontal on an oily corner yesterday, along with three other guys. Broken scaphoid and radial-head. Looking at around 6 weeks to heal up.

I was around week 2/3 of short power build mid vol (with slightly patchy consistency for the last couple of weeks due to work constraints) however power feels good and I was feeling strong. FTP 280, 66kg, so around 4.2 w/kg. Raced crits in UK at cat3 level the last couple of years.

I don’t have any fixed goals or races this year; I’ll dabble with racing (at best), but basically I want to still hang with the top guys in my team on the Saturday morning chain gang.

Given that it will be 6 weeks until training ‘proper’ will begin again, where should I start- back at base?

In the meantime,I intend to spin my legs lightly for 20-30 mins, Z2, sitting upright on the turbo (one handed) most days after the initial swelling has gone down, to keep some semblance of fitness.

Advice on healing, mindset, and where to kick it all again would help!

Thanks all!

6 weeks off is just about a full reset. With no goals or timed events, a return to Base is likely best.

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I’d say go all the way back to the start of SSB MV2 since all your gains from SBP MV to this point will be lost (if I remember correctly) and make sure to complete a ramp assessment. Also, the nutritional demands are going to be increased to heal, so now is not the time to be holding back in the calorie department.

I know there is a bunch of threads already related to illness, etc., so I’m certain if you do a search and there will be good info.

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For reference:

Training Residuals:

  • Aerobic Endurance – Establishment: 25-35 days; Residuals: 25-35 days
  • Anaerobic Power – Establishment: 14-22 days; Residuals 14-22 days
  • Muscle Endurance/Threshold – Establishment: 10-20 days; Residuals: 10-20 days
  • Sprint Power – Establishment: 2-8 days; Residuals: 2-8 days

Declines in Aerobic Capacity:

  • 1-7 days: negligible decrease
  • 10-14 days: 6% decrease
  • 14-30 days: 12% decrease
  • 30-63 days: 19% decrease
  • >63 days: 26% decrease

Minimum we can do to stay fast:

  • Aerobic Endurance – Once every 2 weeks, do a long, low-intensity ride. Ride long enough that the fatigue comes as a product of the ride’s duration, not its intensity. Example:Laurentian
  • Anaerobic Power – Once a week. Something along the lines of 30- to 60-second repeats upwards of 130% FTP should suffice. Example: Bird -1
  • Muscle Endurance/Threshold – Once a week. Try a 2×20-minute Threshold or even Sweet Spot workout. Example: Eichorn
  • Sprint Power – Once a week. Perform 4-6 all-out efforts somewhere between 20-30 seconds long. Example: Bays

I am not sure about this. Considering the near total loss of aerobic base (according to the info above) I suspect that dropping into SSM MV2 will be a bit of a hard thing to do. It might work, but I expect the 2nd week in particular to be more difficult than it should be, with a lack of SSB MV1 under the belt.

Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback.

A good friend of mine had a similar injury and was training hard on the turbo ( not outside) after 2-3 weeks, with very easy workouts prior to this…he’s a cat1 beast.

Chad McN- your thoughts on this?

I think you can consider doing some maintenance workouts.

I would ask your doctor when they think is appropriate and what level of intensity you can do.

But it is something that can help to minimize the loss along the way.

I guess my thought is given the fitness level outlined in the OP, going to SSB MV2 is a logical choice with their history.

Depends on the injury. I know a TTer who broke his scaphoid and was back on the turbo in a cast relatively quickly. He had approval from his doctors though, and emphasised that he would not be going outside until it was fully healed. Your next question is how to avoid making the cast stink! :wink:

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Get a step-ladder for your arm and get back on the bike! Do you want to win Paris-Roubaix or not?!


(jk man…happy healing!)

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Ha ha love this :joy::joy::joy: