Bike issue - what to do with my plan

So, I decided to finally give my bike some TLC.
You know the type, i’ve got a new cassette, so I should probably change the chain.
Changed the chain, hadn’t used my chain tool in a long, long time.
Tool broke. Campy pin broke. Bike is out of service until i can get my hands on a master link of sort (2-3 days if lucky)
I was at the end of recover week mid-century spesh. Ramp test was planned for tomorrow, I was chomping at the bit.

I’ve moved my whole calendar by a week, to make space.
I’ve got a spare bike, without power, which I can use in the meantime (outdoors only, different drive train than my n1, trailer attachment, etc…)

How would you recommend I spend the week?
More Z2? Just enjoy myself, and do some free riding, which will push me a bit more than JUST Z2? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You’re my only hope, hive mind!

Take it to the shop to get it fixed today and do your test tomorrow.

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Shops closed today.
I also find that very few lbs in my area carry campy stuff. Hence taking it to the shops might actually take longer than fixing it myself

You have a spare bike without a PM AND ROADS you can set your interval out to? Do the damn intervals by RPE… If you’re off, you’re off, but it beats a zone 2 recovery week for the sake of data.

It might not be accurate, but do the work, and then revamp your data after the fact. Its sometimes hard to remember, but the WORK and then the RECOVERY is what causes the adaptation. The blue bar graph is nothing more than a guide.


Since I was underprepared, I hopped on the bike, went on a route I sort-of knew, and did some drills.
VO2 max and threshold.
Nothing structured per-se, but enough to stimulate the old body and set a few PRs, coincidentally, on some segments :smiley:
It’s all downhill from there, if i set PRs on my cx bike, with knobbies, rack, an imperfect fit, crappy pedals, etc… what can I do on my N1 :expressionless:


Probably way more once you get your N1 fixed. :slight_smile:
I’ve started noticing as the training adaptations kick in the PRs keep trickling in - keeps me motivated when I see I’ve set a PR on a section that I’ve only done before on Club ride where the overall average speed is a bit higher than solo.

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Last time I installed a Campy chain, I also broke the pin before I got it in. You need to push it straight in. I think the best quick link to get is the Connex. It doesn’t even require special pliers and is reusable.

The other quick option is to buy the cheapest 11 speed chain you can find (KMC, Ultegra, Sram). Any should work well enough though won’t be perfect like a Campagnolo chain.

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Ah, unfortunately I’m still firmly anchored in the wonderful world of 10s :sweat_smile:

I think the info still applies. The Connex links are the best and the 10 speed ones are cheaper. I’m pretty sure you can fit an 11 speed chain on to a 10 speed drivetrain without much trouble.

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Thanks for that, i’ll bookmark for reference.
I’ve got a sram power lock, coming, which from what i read is compatible (and should arrive tomorrow :crossed_fingers:)
AND from the US a few KMC missing link, especially for Campy 10s :expressionless:
With all this effort, i should be fine until i change bikes :smiley:

Back on topic, Tuesday is always an easy ride, so that will be outdoors too.
And hopefully, I should be ready to take my ramp test on Wednesday…

Powerlock is on, bike is up and running, all seems to be in order.
Plan is to do the ramp test tomorrow. I’ve canned my easy ride this morning to be nice and fresh for it.
Then easy ride Thurs and resume with the plan on Friday :partying_face: