Bike at the LBS for Service - Now What?

Ugh… So I took my bike to LBS for them to install a new bottom bracket and power meter. It was supposed to be a 1 day job but now they tell me it will take 3 days. I am going to blow through 2 workouts at least. So frustrated.

End of Rant…

I need suggestion, how can I continue training without my bike? Can I use the power reported on one of those gym bikes? probably not accurate at all…

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You clearly need another bike N+1 :grinning:


Go get a free week at a local gym and ride their bike.

Or just do a few days of yoga, strength, stretching, etc. at home.

Go on some long zone 2 hikes. Combine with the above.

Or, just take 3 days of rest to super compensate.


You sort of have 2 quality alternatives:

  1. Cross training (as mentioned earlier: strength training, running, etc).
  2. Mimic your scheduled training on a gym bike as best as you can. No, the power levels are probably not very accurate. However, if you have been doing TR long enough you will know what an SS or threshold or VO2Max effort will feel like. You can even use your cycling computer and HR strap to monitor and record the effort.
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look up what happens “when I get sick” on TR forums or in their knowledge base articles. Same thing.

Personally, I’d do some easy runs. Work on core. I like the idea of joining a gym during a trial membership

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Go for walks. Consider this active recovery.
Shuffle your calendar around and proceed.

You have all the fitness you can have for TDU anyways. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do hiit videos on YouTube. Or just something “fun” at the gym

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Use the time to learn how to change a BB yourself, so you won’t have that problem next time :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely the best advice. Would take an hour or less with the right tools. And that’s at the slow pace I do wrenching!

Thanks for the replies! Some good ideas here!

I think I am going to try to head to our gym and do some strength training and some biking based on RPE.

Some of the answers made me laugh… specially the learning to change my BB! haha If I had the tools I would have definitely tried it!


Check with the LBS for a loaner. Mine offers a bike if repairs take longer than anticipated since I buy all my bikes there.

Don’t go too hard on the strength training if you’re not used to it. Or you’ll be too sore to ride when you get your bike back. ease into it.

I’ll continue the rant.

If an LBS is familiar with the crank and BB being installed, which they should, this is a 10 minute gravy job.

What did they charge you, $50? That’s $300/hr.

Does the bike shop mechanic moonlight as a civil litigator and have better things to do with his time?

Hi, LBS mechanic here. It doesn’t take three days to install a bottom bracket and power meter, which is probably why the shop quoted a turnaround of a day. There’s just some bad communication going on here, wither between the shop and the customer, or the customer and the forum. Likely some part or another had to be ordered, and that added two days to the lead time. Or something else was broken. I’ve been guilty of underestimating the time it’ll take to get something simple done so many times. Power meters that require a weird spacer kit, or a different length preload bolt, a bottom bracket shell that’s too out of round and requires a special bearing… these things happen. The thing that makes good service is communicating that to the customer.

But yeah, maybe don’t be so quick to throw the mechanic under the bus.


BB tools should run you $10-50.
Buy one once and some grease and never pay again.

Invest time and little money into servicing / maintaining / building your own bike. it will be VERY rewarding.

  • You’ll spend some time but gain it back by not driving to the shop
  • You’ll spend a little money which you’ll save multiple times paying the shop
  • You’ll save a TON of headache cause bike shops tend to not care. (not all of them. there are good ones but very rare) They have hundreds of bikes they have to fix per day and just not make enough money to pay too much attention to your bike. You’ll end up doing a far better job.
  • You won’t lose training days.


I am mainly frustrated at the fact I am missing training time not really at the LBS or the mechanic.

You are right, the reason it is taking longer than 1 day is in fact because we ordered the wrong bottom bracket which is actually not their fault but Specialized since they told me my serial number had a BB30 instead of BSA bracket. If I knew anything about BB, I should have spotted this one.

My intent on the post was to get ideas on what to do to get a good workout without a bike and not lose fitness, or in my case more importantly the drive to continue working out…

To the other guys recommending that I do my own maintenance, I must say, I also agree., and I do. That said, a pressure fit BB is not straight forward if you dont know what you are doing (which I don’t, as you can see I ordered Specialized recommended bottom bracket and I thought it would be fine). This is the reason why I opted to go the LBS route for this installation. I also value my LBS mechanics a lot - they are great group of guys!

As always, I appreciate this forum and everyone’s contribution!

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I’m sorry, that comment wasn’t directed at you. You’re just looking to continue training when you don’t have your bike, and I think that’s admirable (and on behalf of your bike shop, thank you for your patience). Hopefully you’re back on the bike soon (and running smooth)!

If this is what sets you off you’re in for a lot of disappointment. Wait till you get injured.