1 Week of no biking

Hey all,
I had to drop my bike off at the mechanic to get my steerer tube cut and the turnaround time is about a week. This means ultimately I won’t be able to train and need to push out my workouts by a week. Do you have any recommendations for staying in shape without hindering my overall progress? Would it be okay to do some light running and some moderate weight training? For some context, I started trainer road last week and currently in the base phase (criterium).

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I’d take the week to recover. Sleep well and eat well. Definitely continue weight training if you’ve started already.

One week in, you’ve barely got started. Enjoy your bike-free week and don’t worry. Sleep and eat well and get re-started when the bike comes back from the shop.


Don’t fret about it.

Take some long-ish brisk walks, chuck in a few squats, and just relax. Missing a week isn’t a big deal. It’s February.

If you don’t typically run I wouldn’t use the week to start.

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Obviously, it’s time to get a second bike.


This. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unless you are coming up on a major goal, don’t sweat a week.

Last time I had this issue I rented a bike for a week. $$$

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$5 saw would have solved this problem.


There is no such thing as “light running” if you haven’t been doing any! - that said I love to run and combine it with my TT training for variety and bone density - but as mentioned now is not the time to start UNLESS you intend to make it a permanent part of your training. :grin:

Depends on how overtrained/under you were when you took a break i think and where you are in your training. It sounds like you need to stick with it and yes run and weight train, maybe plyo’s if you are training for crits…With just a week into it I would not stop that much.
I’m just took a 1 week break (try to do 2-3 a year) and I just talked to a coach on this. I was very taxed where i had not taken a break since before CX season, then was going to take a week off after CX but had too much time/good weather and trained straight through to a gravel grinder that i had last week.
This week i went alpine skiing twice and real easy ride with my kids…now getting ready to hop on my gravel rig right now!
Crit season is coming/here be afraid

Agree with @jdman If you haven’t done any running lately it’s going to hurt, and the one week training benefit will be small. But if there is a time to start getting into running, this might be the time? It’s always good to vary your training so being able to both run and cycle is only going to benefit you in the long run.
If you just want to get some training in that will benefit your cycling without risking injury or really sour legs I recommend stair-running. If you have a ski jump or long set of stairs somewhere nearby, do some intervals in them. Remember to stretch your calf muscles after.