How many blocks of base can I run until the build phase?

I’m currently in the second block of sweet spot base (12th total week) And will be schedule to start build in two weeks.

Can I just start base all
Over again and build for two more blocks?

I haven’t figure out my priority races yet and possibly will know within the next couple months.

Is this ok?

Yes. For me the more base the better. Personally if I was doing a double block I would have done more trad base (Z2) the first one then more SS the second. Either way I think it will set you up well.


Dont forget the principle that the body requires a variety of stimulus in order to keep developing. After a certain point you just wont get the benefits any more and will simply plateau.

I would NOT just go and repeat SST base over and over if ou’ve already done it twice already, as you will simply stagnate. You should move to a different stimulus such as the Build programmes or perhaps Trad Base with an emphasis on more z2 work etc, or something else, just to mix it up and increase the chances of increased development. Nothing wrong with then going back for some more Base work though to keep the variety going.

If you use Plan Builder and put an event 2 years out, it will still give you a mix of phases and not just Base over and over.


You can also swap out one of the SS base phases for the Polarised Plan. You’ll need to enable the “experimental” option in your profile/account to be able to see them. I’m just starting on Base Pt2 with Plan Builder and have done just that. I quite liked the Polarised plans when I did them in summer so it will be interesting to see what the threshold and VO2 workouts are like when done indoors. I’ll do the endurance workouts outdoors if I can - 2hrs+ of 60% on the trainer isn’t fun!

It wouldn’t stagnate if using AT or if there have been gains made. Doing similar workouts with different rest, length, intensity, etc will keep it fresh.

Without any planned races yet, there is nothing wrong with doing more base.

Take it from me. Don’t do this. You’ll get some good TTE gains but you’ll stagnate before your races. It wasn’t the end of the world. But it wasn’t an optimal approach.

Now that you’ve done your two base phases, I’d recommend you do general build. Maybe manually remove the 3rd week, so that it’s two build weeks and a rest. Then you can get back to base later and start the cycle again. Or do a full build block and do SSB2 before going back to a build block.

Or just us AT. Which is what I am doing this year. It has given me an interesting plan setup and I am pretty curious if it’s going to work out well.

thats not the variety you need - you need different types of workout eg vo2, o/unders etc. Even pushing up intensity etc wont be enough variety, Its the type of work that needs to change. If that wasnt true then there would be no Build phase and we’d all just keep doing the same SST base work and get fitter forever.

That’s exactly what ssb2 mv is. Looking over the plan there is over/unders, threshold, ss, VO2, and some endurance.
Also probably makes a difference how long OP has been riding.
I had been someone who used SSB HV for a few years and found I stagnated but MV hits a lot more systems and recently broke through a plateau.

Alot will depend on your chosen volume, but but for TR’s SSB I’d limit it to the 2 blocks (SSB1&2). These blocks are still quite stressful despite being dressed up as ‘base’