Back to back workouts

With the mid volume work outs, Can I combine work outs like Ericsson and Carter back to back making it a 1:45 min work out instead of waiting to the next day? Trying to free up a day so I don’t over do it on a daily basis so I can still get the 5 work outs done in 4 days and be somewhat fresh for race day… just seeing if it’s worth combining the sweet spot work out and the endurance work out on the same day right after each other…

I may add this isn’t my year for this race maybe next year or after I just started racing XC and I know nothing about it. Training has gotten me up from cat 4 to cat 3 and now working my way up from there…

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yes definitely! I’ve had some success doing the same thing too

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Would it deepen you endurance capacity?

Yes I believe so