Combine CX races with low volume plan

Hi all–

I poked around looking for an answer to this question, but didn’t find it. I have been doing a low volume plan, and will be racing on saturdays for CX season. What do you think the best way is to integrate those 3 workouts with 1 race and 1 skills day, and 2 days in the gym?

I currently do this:

M - TR
T - Gym
W - TR
Th - TR
F - Rest
S - Race
Sun - Skills and gym


Could also front load your TR work Mon-Tues, recovery TR Wed after gym, Thurs hard TR, Friday Rest, Sat race, Sunday Skills and gym.

I am trying to consistently put in 2 days a week in the gym and get 7 hours a week at min on the bike and would like to throw in 1 day per week of mobility work, its a lot for me, especially where my CX season is all double header racing (Sat-Sun)