Master plan endurance

Hi Guys,

Hope to get youre thoughts on this.

For the first time i have started a mid volume plan ( usually do low volume). Great addition with the master, it suits me well with 2 intense days.

My question is regarding the endurance part. Now i have intensity monday, 1 hour endurance tuesday and 1 hour endurance wednesday before another intensity on friday or saturday and 2 hour endurance sunday/saturday.
My question is here, does it really make sense to do the two back-to-back endurance days on tuesday+wednesday of only 1 hour? Or would it be better to do just one of these days and make it 1.30h+
i would prefere to have 4 days instead of 5 then i could use the extra day for rest or for cross training/gym session.

Hope to get youre thoughts

I think there’s a quite a large number of folks with the preference for 4d rather than 5d. My understanding is you are better to do a LV plan and add a TN (which will likely be an Endurance session) or an Endurance session on a rest week.; than do a MV plan and take one away.

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maybee, but i have the possibility for the 5th day, just wondering if there really is a benefit of these back-to-back small endurance efforts

I would say yes, until you are riding 6-7 days a week more consistency is better.


Yes do 1 .5hour plus endurance rather than 2 x 1 hour as long as you’re doing the others workouts and maintaining the consistency overall

It won’t really matter either way and it can be argued that 1 longer endurance day is better than 2 shorter days. Nonetheless just get the work done in whichever schedule best fits your life and will keep you consistent.


I would say yes there is benefit - how much, nobody knows. But, if you are recovering then you improving. I’d say do the 5 day plan and feel free to drop an endurance ride if you feel like it, and also, add some time to it if you feel up to it as well. I think as long as your are consistent week over week you’ll see the benefit.

I am in the same boat with you - riding 4x a week. Instead of doing a MV plan I am doing a Low Volume and adding on a 60 or 90 minute endurance ride depending on how much time I have. Personally I do not like “skipping” a workout, which is what I would do with MV so adding one to LV is better for me personally.

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If you prefer to have 4 days on the bike instead of 5, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Remember that two days of 1 hour workouts is still more volume than a single 1.5hr workout, so that’s something to consider. As other athletes in this thread already mentioned, training frequency (i.e. total number of days on the bike per week) is an important aspect of your overall volume too.

On the whole, though, you’d “only” lose out on 30 minutes of that extra Z2 riding, while gaining an extra day you can use for cross training/gym sessions or just some extra rest – which could certainly be worth it! Ultimately, the choice is up to you. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for youre thoughts! Appriciated!

Personally I’d merge 2 consecutive one hour endurance rides into one. If I have a one hour endurance ride day after a long endurance day then I’d likely keep it separate.

Do what works for your preferences and needs. A plan is just a suggestion and it’s not just the AI that’s allowed to adapt it. You might be able to influence it in advance by setting your daily max hours as suits.