Automatic Ride Import to Trainerroad

I would like to off of competitor performance analytics platforms and utilize what I’ve found to be far superior with the Trainerroad package. (Thanks, by the way!)

Are there any plans to allow automatic import of rides from Wahoo devices without having to upload? I have my Elemnt automatically push to the other platforms I have been using over the years. However, two issues are at the forefront:

  1. I keep almost all of my Strava rides private and thus cannot have them automatically appear in TR. Would this be possible to do so or does the Strava API prohibit such access? Further, I’d love to just drop the platform altogether.
  2. My Elemnt pushes to TrainingPeaks and I would love if I could have it do the same to Trainerroad and also drop this platform.

For me, the other two are now unnecessary for my personal needs with the complete set of features I can access in the performance analytics suite. I just struggle finding an easy way to add outside rides that wouldn’t require attaching my device to the computer and manually uploading.

Thanks in advance for any clarification or tips, and again, truly appreciative of everything you all do at TR. Long time subscriber and podcast fanatic!


That’s in our backlog but we’ve got some other features to do first.

What about having your Elemnt push to a private Garmin Connect account, then sync that with TR. That will push all rides to us.


I haven’t tried this. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Thanks for the quick and informative reply, Nate!



Or save your elemnt data onto a dropbox account. [You can do this on the phone app.] From there, you can drag the file into TR. That’s what I do.


Nate, also if someone has their TR career public and the Strava data is being imported are the privacy zone being respected. I don’t share my data publicly for privacy reasons, but someone whom didn’t think their data was being shared might have a surprise if the start/finish or other privacy zone data isn’t preserved when moving the data from Strava to TR career.

We just have a global public or private setting.

We added some language to the strava sync to make sure people knew what their setting was and let them set it to private.

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Trying to figure out how to get the Elemnt to push to GC now…

Does TR have the ability to pull data from it’s Dropbox? If so would that be the simplest way to kind of universally feed data into TR performance analytics and calendar - as long as a device can deposit data into your dropbox, TR could potentially pull it in? Or do directory permissions within Dropbox make this tricky?

We don’t have a way to do that. In our view that would be used much less than Garmin, Strava and Wahoo support if we just built that in directly. Right now Garmin and Strava have so much market share that it almost covers everything.

Building an API to receive workouts form a wahoo isn’t trivial though, and if we do that we’ll probably want to build it for more companies at the same time.

That makes sense.

How to get all my running imported from garmin connect to TR??

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I’m hopefuly this is on the to do list too. Would be pretty awesome.

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It’s on our todo list but there’s one or two big projects to get done before we get to that. For now you have to manually mark your runs as completed. We know this is not ideal.


At present, you have to / can do it manually: from past rides, click on import rides and then either drag or copy the file into the big box. Saves using Strava.

I have my ELEMENT pushing workouts to Dropbox. From there I can upload it to any site including TainerRoad. Just be aware they, when you do do it that way, TrainerRoad syncs the cafe time too! :wink:

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Hmm, does this get factored in to the power average and such?

I had a ticket open regarding this and they said to just switch Distance with Time when looking at the metrics!

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yes, cafe time counts in average power. but cafe time does not affect NP – and nor, therefore, does it affect TSS.

but you can get around this by stopping the elemnt/garmin when you get to the cafe and then starting a new ride when you get back on the bike.


Is it just me or what? I cannot find a way to Sync my ELEMNT with Garmin Connect… it used to work but then as I understand it, Garmin restricted their API and baboom, no more sync. Is there some trick I’m missing?

Your issue is with Wahoo and you would need to open a Ticket with them regarding the ELEMNT app functionality

No, it looks like Garmin does have the auto upload blocked. Further, drag and drop often results in a failure with .fit files dues to wahoo customizations present in the files. I’ll continue to work it, I’d just use strava sync but I AM having a wahoo error there in that my TSS numbers are showing way high by the Wahoo app, which reports the same to strava. Wahoo has an open ticket to fix it, right now the workaround is a factory reset and a few contortions on settings.

When I sync to TP it shows a much more accurate (read lower) TSS number, which is the one I want sent to TrainerRoad. Just a complicated arrangement for syncing right now.