Would like to Export TR workouts from Wahoo Elemnt to TR

Just another vote to have two-way export between TR & Wahoo. When I complete a TR workout using my Wahoo Elemnt, the path to get that workout onto TR is rarely the same twice in a row. Sometimes I have to upload to Strava; sometimes manually upload to TR on my computer; sometimes TR recognizes the .fit file as the scheduled workout; sometimes TR recognizes it as a separate ride (aka “evening ride”, etc) and doesn’t note it as a completed, scheduled workout.

It would be fantastic if I could just push Antelope +2 to my Wahoo, bust it out, and immediately upload it direct to TR, dig?

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This request may be similar to one I found:

If so, I would like to merge it so we have all the relevant posts in the same thread. can you check and see if these are connected? If so, I will merge them.

Good looking out! Yes, please merge!

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