Sync Ride Data from Wahoo Elemnt Bolt to TR Calendar

Hi there,
I just switched from a Garmin 820 to the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and now I’m wondering what is the best way to sync my outside riding data with TR.
With the Garmin unit it was super easy I just connected TR with Garmin Connect and that’s it my Data was synced from TR to Garmin Connect and vis versa.
But how can I manage this with the Wahoo Elemnt? To be honest I don’t wan’t to share all my data with strava.

Are there any other possibilities, probably via dropbox?

thanks everybody,

I’ve done the same, my rides sync over from Strava to TrainerRoad. I’ve not tried it but can’t you still import a Wahoo file into Garmin Connect?
Interested to hear why you’re happy to share data with Garmin and not Strava?

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Hi I sync from my bolt to Dropbox and then manually import the ride from Dropbox into TrainerRoad via my career page - works beautifully

Hey guys,
first of all thanks for your answers.

@philrcook first of all I’m not happy to share data with Garmin connect. But Strava is a service without any hardware. So they make their money with people who have bought a membership which is fine for me. In my case I use the free strava account. If they some day decide as a company that they will shut down the free account all my data would be gone and the service is no longer interesting for me.
When it comes to data security none of them are reliable to me. Because strava can simply sell your data or is a good target because they are the biggest player for health data :wink:
Garmin on the other hand has a crappy app and I don’t trust them either.
Hopefully this answers your question :wink:

@Snowflake69 thank you that was exactly what I was looking for but I wasn’t able to find the import button, figured out the button is on the “past ride” section.
Thank you

A nice weekend to all of you and ride safe.

I really hope they institute syncing these sooner rather than later, but I’m not hopeful given earlier answers. Wahoo is going to rapidly catch up to Garmin in market share, seems a waste not to, but it took years to get an Android app after the usual Apple garbage, so it is what it is at this point.

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Cheers Chris, yeah Strava ending free access would be a nightmare, I guess if it comes to that then I’ll need a new solution but for now it works ok for me and thanks to the new TrainerRoad functionality I have no need to pay for the Strava premiums options.

Try RunGap, seems to sync just about any platform and you can choose which ones you want to sync with easily. Hope this helps.

This is the answer if you do not like Strava.

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Time to resurrect this thread with the latest Strava news! How about it @Nate_Pearson - you’ve got integration with Wahoo now for workouts - any chance you and Chip can sort out getting outside ride sync from Wahoo ELEMNT - seems wrong to have the only mechanism to load ride data be via Strava (for non Garmin users)



Strava isn’t stopping so you could just use it as the middleman even if you don’t pay.

Yes I get that. But Strava doesn’t need to be involved and for Garmin users that works directly. There’s no reason Wahoo users need to be different. Plenty of people are rejecting sharing their data with Strava these days but we are forced to use them as a middle man.

Additionally, if Strava pulls the plug on TR syncing (they seem to be getting quite aggressive with some partners like Relive) that would again leave us stuck. And the authentication and partnership is already in place between the TR/Wahoo.


Oh very true, and yes, relying on the middleman isn’t great.

Never tried this myself but does someone know for those who use strava as the middleman, if you delete a past ride on strava does it also delete it from our TR calendar?

Question is, if strava ends their TR partnership at some point, will all our rides on TR uploaded via strava be gone overnight from the TR calendar?

+1 on this @Nate_Pearson

I also would like to get Strava out as a middleman here, and have Wahoo sync directly to TR.
Strava has demonstrated that they will remove features without warning, so to me this makes them an unreliable entity to have in my data workflow.


We were going to set this up with Wahoo but I think it fell through the cracks. I’ll reach out and see if it’s still something they’d like to do.


I too would love to cut Strava out of this loop if possible.


Me too +1

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Same here please :slight_smile: +10


me too!