Automatic Ride Import to Trainerroad

Not sure that Wahoo has ever had integration with Garmin Connect direct from the app. It kind of feels like taking your Audi to a BMW dealer.

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It worked fine when I first switched from the Edge to the ELEMNT. Last October it stopped, and then Wahoo issued a notice saying that Garmin had blocked them in the API.

I get it, totally, but thats why I’d like to be able to upload direct from Wahoo to TR, however I understand @Nate_Pearson 's comments about it not being a trivial matter. I’m a patient fellow.

Why stop there? I would love a two way connection. Upload by normal outside rides from the Wahoo to TrainerRoad, but also give me the option of completing Baxter outside :wink:

Too many companies are putting the walls up, I guess it could be a sign of insecurity and fear of progress.

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Try I use for all of my 4 accts

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I don’t think the Elemnt will upload to Garmin Connect

Upload to Dropbox and then manually to TR I think is the go as mentioned by someone else already

Personally, I’m an IOS user, believe it or not, despite the fact that its 2018, I don’t have a single windows or OSX computer in the house. I know…I know…

@mellowdave you don’t need a computer, although you may have been responding to the comment.

On my iPhone I was able to open web browser, go to, then go to Past Rides, click “Import Rides” and then “Browse computer” and navigate to Dropbox > Apps > TrainerRoad and upload my last TR ride.

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I just tried this a minute ago on my ipad and it worked as described. The value of this forum is already confirmed. :slight_smile:

@mellowdave glad to hear you are now able to upload Wahoo rides with only a phone or iPad!

For us its a matter of resources rather than building a wall. If I could snap my fingers and have all head units push to us and have an awesome TR outside ride experience on head units I would!


Sorry Nate I was not including TrainerRoad in the wall comment. More directed at a few of the bigger players in the game cutting access for reasons unsure.
In fact I get the feeling that you personally see the bigger picture in a connection eco-system. Good luck with the finger snap.

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I feel that users should own their personal data and that should flow.

Companies should compete on the layer on top of personal data (processing, display, etc).


Speaking of resources, would it take much work to allow users to re-sync rides from Strava? I’m trying to remove bad power data, and Strava lets me crop out the part of the ride with the bad data. Yes, I can delete the ride and re-import it from Strava by hand, but since TR doesn’t have a ride editing feature (yet) and Strava (sort of) does, a feature like this might be useful for other users. (But for how many?)

I’ll admit that my case isn’t very common. I’m using a PowerPod power meter and the PowerPod sometimes records large, unreasonable power values at the beginning of rides while calibrating itself. I using the PowerPod because my commuter bike with a Gates Carbon belt drive and Pinion bottom bracket transmission doesn’t accept hub, crank or chain-ring power meters. And I want to use MTB shoes (not road shoes for Assioma, P1 or Vector pedals) for the bad-weather commuting this bike was specifically designed for.

I use a Powerpod too – easily mounted on multiple bikes. I have found two ways in which you can deal with the time while it is calibrating itself:
[1] I use an Elemnt Bolt to record outside rides, with power data from the Powerpod. The first 10 minutes of a ride, the Powerpod is recalibrating. At the end of that 10 minutes, I stop the ride on the Bolt and begin a new ride – the real one I will import to TR via Dropbox. You lose the first 10 minutes.
[2] If you use the software with Powerpod, you can edit the ride in that. Delete the first 10 minutes, then save the remainder of the ride to Dropbox, in whatever format is appropriate.
I use [1].

Good luck.

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Will that push my Dropbox files to TR?

This is probably an edge case that we won’t support. I’d rather just allow us to edit the ride directly on TR.

In the near term doing the delete and re-import is probably your best bet :frowning_face:.

Yes yes yes, it drives me nutty that we can’t take our TrainerRoad workouts outside without the arduous task of manually recreating them in GC or TP which is not something I can stand to do for entire training plans.

I feel Coach Chad and the TrainerRoad crew are one of the most up-to-date and modern in their knowledge and continuing education of training developments and I would likely follow the TrainerRoad plans year round with zero concern I am reaping the benefits of the latest research… but let’s be real: the trainer gets dusty once the sun comes out in Spring and I go outside 100% and thus follow plans I’ve purchased via TrainingPeaks until it’s cold again.

As the TrainerRoad calendar and analytics continue to get better and better and leave TrainingPeaks in the dust in terms of freshness of the app platforms, this issue bugs me more and more. There’s still additional metrics and analytical tidbits (decoupling etc) in TrainingPeaks that are useful but the real reason I’m not more fully invested in TrainerRoad as my planning and analysis platform is the simple fact I can’t easily follow Coach Chad’s workouts on my Garmin in the fresh air.

What if we had text based workouts (like you would get in a training peaks plan) for all of your plan rides? So you could easily switch to an outdoor prescribed ride (with specific watt targets or RPE targets if you don’t have a power meter on your bike).

Would that be helpful?

This is probably something we could transcribe fairly easily from looking at the workout in TrainerRoad, but I’d still tend to recreate it in TrainingPeaks if I were to use it outdoor, to have the Garmin manage the target prompts, stopwatch, and lap splits without me having to concentrate on that in addition to execution. To be able to export a fit file for Garmin workouts is the real goal for usability.

Just another vote to have two-way export between TR & Wahoo. When I complete a TR workout using my Wahoo Elemnt, the path to get that workout onto TR is rarely the same twice in a row. Sometimes I have to upload to Strava; sometimes manually upload to TR on my computer; sometimes TR recognizes the .fit file as the scheduled workout; sometimes TR recognizes it as a separate ride (aka “evening ride”, etc) and doesn’t note it as a completed, scheduled workout.

It would be fantastic if I could just push Antelope +2 to my Wahoo, bust it out, and immediately upload it direct to TR, dig?