Feature Request - Import/Sync with Training Peaks

I love the new calendar, It will certainly make life easier. I feel there is just one feature missing, the ability to import/sync with Training Peaks.

I love TR, however, I discovered after using it for about 2 years, I was not really making any progress. I sort out a coach, so that I would be held accountable. For the last year, I’ve been working with a coach, and have made great progress.

However, the coach manages everything in TrainingPeaks. It would be great if TR can do the following:

  1. Import the daily workout from TrainingPeaks automatically.
  2. Sync the TR Calendar with the TrainingPeaks calendar.
  3. Add the ability to add comments to a completed workout.




This isn’t supported directly…but why not give your coach a shared log in to your TR account and they can put all of your workouts directly in TR?


Can you import the outside rides from TrainingPeaks to TR?

No, we don’t have API access. Since we are becoming closer competitors now I doubt they will want their data coming to us.

Thats a shame. I’m a Wahoo user that only has Strava to ‘feed’ TrainerRoad.
How about going the other way and talking to the guys at Atlanta and pushing from there :wink:

We could go wahoo device directly to TR. We’d just need to build the API side out. We’d like to do this but that’s a big project and we have other things we want to get done first.


Can you not just use something like Garmin Connect as the intermediary? Upload to GC and then let it push through to TR and TP? That’s basically how i utilize GC and TP today and everything syncs automagically.

Yep, this works for me, ride data goes to GC which then shares it with Strava, TR, Training Peaks, etc.

@Nate_Pearson I understand your point about allowing my coach to use my login details. I also understand the potential issue with using the TrainingPeaks API. My thoughts:

  1. I’m not the only person the coach works with, it would be a huge ask of them to use a different platform just to manage my workouts.

  2. As you mentioned there are different tools/analytics that a coach might want that TR doesn’t currently offer, and are not on the road map.

  3. I don’t use TR exclusively. Depending upon what I need to accomplish (and the weather) for a given workout, I can be outside, using TR, or on Zwift. For example: (a) I need to get in a long endurance ride, the weather is preventing me from going outside, so I hop on Zwift and pick a course of go; (b) I need to do a workout where all I care about is keeping my heart rate and cadence in a specific range. This workout is easier to perform in Zwift.

  4. Since TR already supports TrainingPeaks via RideSync to push completed workouts. If your using the TrainingPeaks API, then you should have access to pull down the current day’s workout.

  5. Zwift currently pulls in the day’s workout and automatically converts it, so it can be used within Zwift.




I would like to be able to import my training peaks history in order to switch over to trainer road As a single platform. I have exported my data from training peaks as a series of csv files. Is this possible?

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Upload it to Strava, then it will come to us! :smiley:

That’s probably the best way. We don’t store swim/runs right now but we will in the future and we’ll pull that directly from Strava.


Thanks Nate.

How do I set that up? I currently sync my devices to Garmin connect which pushes to Strava and training peaks. My trainer road workouts do all that too. Do I need to set up a link somehow from Strava to trainer road?

Should I hold off on doing this until you have sorted importing swim and run too?



Hi Nate - I really like what you’re doing here. Great improvements and you’re really adding a lot of value to help us take more control of our training, diet, rest, etc. THANK YOU.

Any plans to including something like the CTL, ATL, TSB chart? I’m sure you could argue that it’s not always the best way to track fitness, but I find that the combination of it plus my TSS data really helps me to understand when I’m improving, over training, etc… and whenever I get sick, hit a wall, or have an amazing day, and look back at it, i realize I should have seen it all coming! I think this chart is probably the only thing keeping me on TP at this point.


This please!

You can do it now under ride sync on the website. No need to wait.

No atl or tsb plans, but we plan on doing something better in our opinion.


Any more you want to share? I really want to not renew my other program account

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Rather than the data, would be useful if they let you export the workouts. TP does not generate data, they collect it from Strava, Garmin, Wahoo etc.
The can export workouts to Zwift, I see no reason why the could not export to TR.

It’s still a ways out :frowning:. There are other things we have to put in place first.

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It’s ok. You guys already have all the data for a simple CTL/AtL calc so that we don’t have to track manually. With all of the tss collected and dates of rides that one should be fairly straight forward and I believe you basically already do that with the 6 week tracker. The fatigue piece would be nice to see built in however.