Export directly from Wahoo ELEMNT to TR?

Since I couldn’t figure out how to export rides from my Wahoo ELEMNT directly to TrainerRoad, I’ve been exporting from my ELEMNT to Strava, and then importing from Strava to TR.

If all I care about the most is DATA INTEGRITY, and getting as much data as possible, with as much precision as possible, from my ELEMNT to TR… what’s the best way? Can you sync directly from the ELEMNT to TR, and I somehow couldn’t find the instructions? Or is it best to sync with RideWithGPS, or Strava, or something else?

I’m a paid subscriber to both Strava and RWGPS, but I’ve been concerned with Strava’s antics recently where they’ve clearly been trying to limit third-party access to user data. I absolutely want to make sure that MY data is intact, whole, and under my control. And since TR is my primary training tool (I use Strava as social media and as a diary), I want to ensure TR gets the best possible data too.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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I would be interested too. I don’t know why, but Strava doesn’t use the same kj and kcal I see on my computer and TR on outside TR workouts. It’s annoying, but not that important. If I could use one less service to sync my data to TR, it would be awesome. Same thing if TR could sync my data on Apple Health.

You can go to Career > Past Rides > Import Rides to manually upload the .fit files directly, if that helps?

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Using Strava as a bridge between Wahoo and TrainerRoad will still provide us with the full data file, and full data integrity.

Strava processes the data a little different than we do, so the data summaries may not perfectly match, but that analysis is not passed onto TrainerRoad since we do all our own analysis. Strava just sends us the raw data file :+1:.


+1 for this feature.

I can sync my outdoor workout to the bolt (works great guys), do the workout outside and then upload to all kinds of software from the Bolt. Strava, Training Peaks, RideWithGPS, Relive, etc etc. Would be nice not to have to do TR manually with the .fit file.

This seems like something that Wahoo actually has to put in the app though, not TR. Maybe the TR guys can call up Wahoo and get them to hurry it up.