Anyone else working pump track sessions into their training?

I’m currently in the middle of Sweet Spot Base II Low Volume. In addition to TR I commute by bike to work a couple of days a week. I do my best to chill on the commutes and make them easy rides, but then I lucked out with a new pump track just a short detour off my ride. So now I’m adding in some short pump track sessions to my morning commute. I love the skills that the pump track builds so I want to keep doing it, but as I move into short power build I wonder if it will start effecting my ability to complete workouts. To me the pump track feels similar to doing a bunch of body weight squats, very anaerobic.

How are other people working in anaerobic skills sessions into their plans?

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I started hitting a skills park as well. Its full on winter here in Canada and this polar vortex has really plummeted the temperatures. Our kids ski lessons were cancelled so we went to an indoor bike park. We’ve been there before. The pump track has really helped me in cornering. Now I’m practicing on jumping. Had a hard crash but kept on going. I can a few in but still need to build more confidence. Our local BMX club has a practice on Thursday and planning to master it this time. I think this is a great thing to do especially with xc races getting more technical.

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I don’t have a pump track close to home but occasionally I’ll load up the kids and take them to one that’s an hour away. I ride hard when I get there too. I hit the jump line (which I totally suck at) and tie in short pump section right after and repeat for several hours.
My whole body is tired by the end of the day and usually sore for one or two days after. I haven’t seen a negative effect on my ability to finish workouts on TR but if I tried to do VO2 max the same day or maybe the next day it might be too much.
I wish I could hit a pump track on a regular basis!

Pump tracks are one of the best full-body workouts available!! They seem to work every muscle in your body, and the skills you build on them pay dividends in race situations. I can’t recommend practicing on pumptracks enough, there’s free speed to be gained on the trail without pedaling. They will definitely help your confidence, bike-body separation, and cornering skills as well. I don’t think they should affect your TR training too badly, but you may end up carrying a bit more fatigue than you’re used to, so listen to your body and add recovery to your plan whenever necessary.