Track cycling training

Hi All, have finally decided to be consistent. My question is in regards to getting into track cycling. I have no real interest in longer events outside of an hour, no particular reason i just love the explosive high activity of shorter races. With that in mind what training would you recommend for someone looking to get into track cycling. I am 82kg with a ftp of 250 (after being off the bike for a good six months), i have had my vo2 tested and i am at 77.76ml/kg. I have started criterium low volume but have swapped out the Wednesdays workout with sprint work as that is always a busy day for me. What would people recommend that i change my training to as im looking at sprint/tt races on the track. Or am i completely out of my depth :joy:

Sprint and TT races are pretty different.

Track isnt really a type of racing since there’s lots of variations, just like road racing.

Just choose your plans based on the efforts you will do on the track. So focus on short power, or sustained power, or a mixture of both if you want to be an all-rounder

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I am favouring sprint and kilo racing, so keeping efforts under 2 minutes. Though with my relatively high vo2 am i missing an opportunity i might be more naturally suited to.

I race track, endurance and sprint.

Dont dismiss sweet spot work its the massive building base even for sprint track work. As all my competitions have been cancelled Ive gone right back to standard base work, which will be followed by sweet spot 1 & 2 and then short power build.

I also make my own workouts designed for team sprint and gate work, as well as 500m TT (age group kilo!!)

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Thanks Steve, sounds great would you recommend doing sprint workouts on the Wednesday like I’m doing or do you reckon its too early to get specific. Could always tack a few sprints on the end of a few sweet spit sessions, just too keep sprint power topped up

the only sprinting im doing at the moment is anythnig thats within the traditional base, workouts like cardigan, springer mountain or warren+1 have ten second bursts that keep me going.
Trad Base 2 starts doing a bit more short power work, and then ill move on to sweet spot base that start introducing sprinting again.
I do some of the workouts on rollers too and maybe once every two weeks ill get on rollers and just do cadence work other than that ill leave it now till the new year when fingers crossed therell be something to train for!

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