Moving training sessions using calendar function - could it mess with my recovery?

So, after a summer of mostly cycling outdoors (because that’s where all the fun is, right?) I’m back on a structured plan to keep me going through the winter months and build for my ‘A’ race next April.

As I’m still cycling outside on the weekends I’ve commence sweet spot base low volume 2. My available training days are going to be M,T,T,F as I go to boxing classes on a wed. this will change later on in the year and I anticipate moving to a mid volume plan around December.

Yesterday I did huffaker which contains a series of Vo2 max intervals, I did that on the back of two mountain biking sessions over the weekend ( 169 and 54 est tss) but still managed to complete the session.

I know that sweet spot is designed to enable better quality training with less recovery time, but as I’m going above my FTP should I enforced a break on the day after, especially if it is at the end of a 3 day consecutive cycle? or maybe I should have put off the huffaker session until today?

I’m 47, so getting a bit older but still feel fairly fit. As I see it my options are

  1. Enforce a break of one day if I can see that I’ve been training over my FTP such as some Vo2 max intervals and structure the remaining sessions in the week accordingly
  2. carry on being flexible with my training days based on availability and listen to my body if I struggle in a session
  3. don’t mess with the calendar schedule.

I appreciate that overtraining is hard to do, but also want to maximise the benefit of the limited time I had.

Thanks for any advice!

Bump, I guess this fell down the topic list rather than being too complicated to answer!

I’m going to answer my own question a bit on reflection, maybe I am over thinking this so I will just concentrate on my weekly tss rather than workout type and adjust things accordingly depending on how hard my weekend rides turn out to be so I still end up with a weekly tss around 350