Anyone doing the Whiskey Off Road (Epic Rides)?

Has anyone here done the Whiskey Off Road? What plans did you use? Care to share your experience?

I am in the second week of SSBMV2. Due to time constraints, I am not sure what to follow it with.
After this plan I have 7 more weeks until the ride/race. So I am looking for thoughts on how to best attack this thing. Cut a build short? Go into a specialized plan? Which ones?

Are you aware of any podcast info that may be helpful?

Any help/thoughts are appreciated.


There are probably far better minds to answer this, but I’m on a very similar path and doing the same type of racing.

In a perfect world:

  1. Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2
  2. Sustained Power Build
  3. Cross Country Marathon

Base and Build are your building blocks to good fitness for the year, don’t skip over them and get as far as you can until race day.

Because you’re seven weeks out you’ll only be able to get through 90% Sustained Power Build. Make sure you build in a taper week at the end. I like to spin my legs the day before a race, it’s a good chance to do an easy pre-ride and helps my legs for early morning starts.

Hope that helps!

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@daniel knows his stuff! We generally recommend getting though as much as you can of the plan phases, since they build on each other. Like he mentioned, you’ll have to alter the last few weeks to include a taper (which you can copy from week 8), but otherwise this plan looks good!

Here’s a resource to help you:

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