I did it, SSBHV 1 and 2! Suggestions on next phase leading in to race?

So, I finished sweet spot base high volume 1 and 2. To be honest it was pretty damn brutal, I commend anyone who got through all of it as well, definitely tough!

Now my question if anyone would like to chime in. My first race (hopefully) of next season will be the Davy Crockett Classic Feb 13-14 which is a stage race. Should I follow my original plan when I didn’t have a race scheduled that had me doing sustained power build next or recalculate my plan for this race which would put me in to the rolling road race specialty phase? I’ll probably answer my own question but I feel like I’ll get more out of the build phase. Also, the build phase would still line up nicely to where the week of the race it would be a recovery week. I could also potentially decrease the intensity the week prior.

Any thoughts? I’m also probably way over thinking this, but don’t we all haha.

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I think build would be your best bet for the reasons that you mention.

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Plan builder. Have it start back when you started SSB1 and see what it recommends.

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Sustained power build.

Nice work on SSB high volume.

I just did mid volume and have decided to transition to high volume to get a massive deep base before starting building into next season.

Timing works out better for me that way too

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