Antibiotics and Microbiome

Following a root canal, I was bummed to hear that I would need a course of antibiotics. Any recommendations to help reduce GI side effects? Most of my google returns on the topic offer advice that seems far from, shall I say, empirical.

Do you actually need the antibiotics? Is there actually a bacterial infection?

There was some infection, yes.

Ok. Do you think it is still infected? I ask as antibiotics are often over prescribed. I only ever take them as a last resort, because there are consequences as you are alluding to.

In the past I have always eaten plenty of pro-biotic yoghurts and some fermented foods, plenty of vegetables and not too many fruits during the time of taking the anti biotics and after for at least a few weeks.

Oh and as little sugar and breads as possible because this can quickly lead to an increase in yeast build up as the body has less good bacteria to keep things in balance.

Good luck.

I think you can ask your pharmacist which one to pair with the particular ab.

Here U have some articles about recovering the organism. (The site is brand new)

Yakult works for me… only need one 12pack to get things back on track.