Do Antibiotics Make You Slower, Hannah’s Leadville Tips and More - Ask a Cycling Coach 388

Hannah Otto joins us to discuss whether antibiotics make you slower, her tips for Leadville as the current champion, and a ton of discussion on common nutrition questions we get from all of you.

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(0:30) Do antibiotics make you slower?
(26:22) Should endurance athletes always be carb-loading?
(37:58) How to break 9 hours at Leadville
(01:03:11) Should athletes avoid high step counts?
(01:14:42) Does it matter in which order you eat different foods?
(1:23:14) Is mid-ride protein supplementation a good idea?

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The antibiotics dive by Coach Chad was well timed for me. I’m 13 days post hip replacement surgery. I was on Oxy for the first 6 days for pain management. My gut still isn’t right and I assumed it was the Oxy due to the other meds I was given to keep things moving down there. I was only on antibiotics for 2 days for the surgery but maybe it’s a bigger impact on my gut health.

On the good side I’m already up to 20 minute spins on the trainer and should be at 30 soon do I can start some TR endurance workouts. Going to have to drop the ftp.


Same here, I had a sore appear – in a place near where I get saddle sores but not quite in that spot. It was all different and this time I went in sooner rather than later to get it checked out and the doctor made me glad I did that. I got a bactrim prescription – a 10 day 2/day course of the stuff.

She advised cramming pro-biotics which is something I do – at least eating lots of yogurt. In addition, I started to drink a daily bottle of kombucha – which I am taking too just find.

I’ll preface this by saying I love TR. I’ve listened to like 95%!of all episodes and they have awesome info and deep dives. But I have to say the bit about antibiotics was not only just poor information (missing the whole picture) but, apart from the short caveat at the end, bordering on harmful to the listeners and I think it needs to be readdressed. Not to mention the fact that apart from a quick blurb, they missed a huge piece of the puzzle in that the guy is fighting off a major infection. That could be a huge factor of why he is having a problem with training. If he needs IV antibiotics, this isn’t some minor cold, this is a big infection and hugely taxing on the body. And until the end, the whole discussion sounded against antibiotics for a situation that could result in the guy losing his arm if untreated. Now I’m not saying the antibiotics aren’t playing a role and are very likely causing some of the performance drop. But it just sounded like they glossed over the fact that the guy has a serious infection and very much needs these antibiotics. I don’t know, but keeping your arm seems like the better choice if you have to lose some fitness.