Amino acids BCAA / EAA - YES or NO


I’m interested in your opinion on taking amino acids.
Does it make sense to additionally take BCAA or EAA amino acids after training??

I think it would be wise to take BCAA when training early in the morning!?

When I was weightlifting years ago (I’m a scrawny amateur cyclist these days) it used to be recommended if doing fasted training. Seems like that assumption got debunked and you can skip it altogether if hitting your daily protein target (also OK if you’re vegetarian).


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I have taken 10 grams of BCAA before going to bed and that have improved my HRV. Other than that I have not seen any noticable improvements.

I like My Sports Science for simple, quick, easy to read on subjects - here is one on BCAA…

In summary, overall, based on the available evidence, the best nutritional recommendation to optimize adaptations to training, including muscle hypertrophy and enhanced oxidative metabolism, would still be to eat sufficient high-quality protein (that naturally includes BCAA, of course) in the context of meals. At present, we do not believe there is sufficient evidence to recommend BCAA supplements for enhancing muscle anabolism or alleviating muscle damage or, for that matter, for any other reason

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